It’s a VUCA World.
You have to learn to VUC^it!

a VUCA world needs COURAGE
a VUCA world needs CO-CREATION
VUC^it enables you to succeed in a VUCA world:
methodical, practical, playful

Our Offer

VUC^it is a digital self-learning tool for Future Skills with gamification and micro nudging to increase resilience and willingness to change in a VUCA world.

VUC^it creates a unique learning experience for Future Skills training tailored to the challenges of today’s workforce:

  • experience based and on-the-job
  • combined with creative learning principles and motivational design
  • inspired by the latest research in behavioural science

Our Target Audience

Businesses: Corporations in transformation which want to stay relevant and profitable, and are willing to adapt quickly in a VUCA world of scarce talents (Employer Branding) and creating continuous and cost-efficient value. with a lean digital self-learning solution integrated in the regular work process.

Users: All employees and teams based on evaluation, tailored by function and personal needs.

Our Product


We support your organization to embrace the digital transformation

Companies need structure, processes and roles and they need the right culture for their employees to collaborate and perform at their best.
We advise you how to best position your organization to actively shape the digital transformation and realize its full potential.

We empower employees to approach change positively

How do we differ from machines?
Human skills such as creativity, critical thinking and collaboration as well as courage are setting us apart from robots and AI.
With VUC^it we target these exact competencies and use experience based learning and nudging to influence attitude and enable employees to respond positively to change.

We identify strengths, opportunities for development and blind spots

The digital change is constantly confronting us all with new challenges. We help you to prepare your employees for these challenges by offering different assessments and evaluations for teams and individuals to determine the starting position for a targeted development program tailored to the needs of your organization.

About Us

artsnext is an innovation agency from Zurich. Radical innovation needs courage and lateral thinkers: We combine entrepreneurial innovation and management methods with creative and artistic principles to up-skill for tomorrow #empowerment and connect with your target groups #engagement.

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